Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Weekly Tat Update #1

Keeping to the chicken theme I reckon it would be neat to reveal snapshots of some of the hoard I’ve collected over the years. I'll select one item a week that looks either interesting or completely rubbish. First up are some cool metal figures that came as part of a pre-order freebie when you bought SNES SF II. The figures were randomly thrown into the package so you had no idea which characters you would get. Vega is a keeper but the others aren't that exciting.


:: Dazza :: said...

Ooh those would be painful if stood on with a bare foot! :-p

I loved the SFII tin box which PAL-land got back in the days:



That came with a cheeky little pin-badge. A taste of 'chicken' for the uninitiated.

buzz_clik said...

Nice work, you two. My keyboard's stopped working due to all the drool cascading from my open gob.