Tuesday, 25 September 2007

Attack of the Mutant Tat!!

Probably one of the nicest gentlemen in video games today is Shigeru Miyamoto. I doubt I met or interviewed anyone as much as this chap and he always had time to talk to you, answer any question and scribble his name on anything thrown in front of his face. One such item was this hand crafted ocarina we picked up in Japan and took with us for one of many interviews we had at NOJ headquarters. These instruments are readily available in Japanese stores so they are quite easy to come by. Purchasing one that is signed by the legend who also adorned it with a little triforce drawing will be next to impossible though.


Damien McFerran said...

My God.

I can only imagine how much that would be worth now.

I must stop reading your blog Gary cos you make me feel really jealous, you heartless bastard.

:: Dazza :: said...

Now you are just showing off! :-)