Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Sweaty and smells of fart…

…could be many things. Sharing an office with Richard comes to mind. This example however is the London Underground. Doing some work in the capital for a short while and finding the tube to be just as smelly, hot and obnoxious as I remember it back in the Emap days. The work is fun though and whilst I can't lift the lid on what it is I haven't worked on this much product for a long while. Quality product too and not the cack I'm used to handling. I'm working on a new Harrod website design with a proper gallery rather than the downloadable PDF I currently use. Should be more user friendly and with regular updates for visitors that are interested I'll be able to show some examples of everything once this stuff is out the door and on the supermarket shelves.
Live and Kicking
Took a painful weekend of misery to get online from my new london residence. Macs are great to use but the lack of support for wireless had me trapsing up and down Tottenham Court Road all weekend looking for USB adaptors and the like. Xbox Live is still down as I forgot to bring the wireless adaptor with me but will be back online before Chrimbo hopefully. Missing the fun of Left for Dead and Gears so I got my murderous kicks by beating my way through Dead Space on Impossible mode. Clearly not Impossible and earned the Epic 3 achievement with just the Plasma Cutter. '2 for 190' will do very nicely thank you!