Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Right up yer twitter

http://twitter.com/harrodgossip is where you can go now for your fix of meaningless Harrod gossip. Updating the blog is too much work when there are so many achievements to earn! Twitter will enable me to shower you with little snippets of 'cool' stuff from my day along with the odd link or three to bonkers web garbage that takes my fancy. Take a peek if you're so bored that it's a toss up between this or pouring petrol over your head and lighting a match.

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Blogging again

Hello. Missed me? No, thought not. Blame work, and kids, and holidays, and beer. That's the difference when you work away from the house. You could also be blaming Batman had I got my freebie copy on friday. I won't buy it. Not when I work for Square Enix who owns Eidos. Got to draw the line somewhere! It was tough though as by all accounts Batman: AA is kick ass and probably well worth the money. So I am forced to unlock Abomination in the Sega Hulk game for the third time for the kids. Punishment for being a tightwad.

Monday, 9 March 2009

Risk Death by playing Street Fighter!

That's right kids. Games can kill. Just by holding the controller it seems. Seeing as I've been playing them for almost 30 years now I should be the size of a house with my own special chair so I can play and take a dump without having to move. So you don't forget, everything you see, read and hear is a person, who just like you and me has their own opinions and these other specially prepared alternatives that they hope will get them attention, success and a leg over at the Xmas party. No one genuinely believes that games make you fat, just as the editor of the Daily Mail knows that playing GTA won't turn you into a axe-toting maniac. Though reading the Daily Mail might…
Don't be Square
Square Enix. Heard of them? Little known company from Japan who put out some RPG's every now and then. Well, that's where I spend most of my day right now helping them out with the marketing, packaging and advertising for europe. Worked on projects as diverse as Disgaea 3, Persona 4, Final Fantasy Echoes of Time and plenty more. Like most product I work on I'll probably not play them but they all look nice on my shelf. I'll post some pics of finished stuff when I get the moment.

Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Mad Catz or Mad Tw*ts?

It's February. Can only mean one thing. STREET FIGHTER!! It's back and it'll kick your ass and your Ma along with it. I said last year it was going to be a triumphant return to form for the most celebrated fist fest ever.. Oh, you mocked. The doubters sprung from the woodwork and spread the seeds of doubt but the hype is now fever pitch. The office is chocka with SF vets discussing the merits of the various additions to the game such as why is Rufus so fast for a fat bloke and whether a joystick player is superior to a pad fiend. Almost everyone agrees that you will have to invest in a Mad Catz stick/pad to play at your best. You can't get squat from a 360 pad as anyone who has played HD Remix will testify. Of course it would help if Mad Catz had actually made enough to go round as you can't GET ONE FOR SHIT anywhere!!! Even the sucky Chun Li pad is sold out. Seriously, what bright spark decided on manufacture next to nothing and then get the entire internet community to rate them as essential? Okay if you're a PS3 owner perhaps as the pad is a little more robust for SF but for 360? Pfff...

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Happy New Year... Maybe.

2009. Could it be a better year than last? I can't tell you what will happen with the economy, couldn't say for certain if Liverpool will win the Premier league and don't have a clue if Watchmen will actually get a theatrical release due to legal problems. On a positive note there are signs that gaming could certainly surpass 2008 in terms of quality titles delivering the goods. SFIV has the possibility to revive my interest in fighting games that sadly faded a long time ago. Playing online with some retard teenager who spams cheap moves and then talks about his apparent relationship with my mother doesn't bring about the same level of satisfaction as taking on your mates in the office. Working in an office right now with other people who share a similar stance when it comes to multiplayer and smack talk has raised the potential for a glorious return of Street Fighter to the top of my gaming heap. I'm already adding ex-Emap colleagues to my friends list in anticipation.