Thursday, 21 August 2008

Too Predictable

The writing was on the wall when you think about it. The first time I heard news about Silicon Knights taking the Unreal engine devs to court over the software it could only be about one thing. The game sucked balls big style and they needed to point the finger of blame elsewhere. Since then I have sampled the demo, read the critiques across the web and chuckled at the continuous stream of manure spouted forth by Knights frontman Dyack. Most Innovative game on 360? I suppose if you've spent the last ten years working on it then you're entitled to exaggerate a little right? I removed it from my list of must-haves seconds after playing the demo. With Pinata 2 and a Squeenix RPG next friday then buying Too Human was always a long shot. As it stands, the 360 now it's very own 'Haze' and should keep the fanboi forums entertained for a few merry months at least.
We have some nice new tees about to go live in the next week or so. Four new shirts that might take your fancy. Joining these on the site is the Eurogamer shirt contest that's been in the works for a while now. We've taken some flak for the length of time it's taken to get the contest live but it's all done now bar a little testing. Why so long? VGT is essentially just a hobby and getting everyone together to do their bit on the site just took a while. Designing text only shirts was actually pretty tricky. Then we had to build the site pages. Then design the voting mechanism. Then create the shirt art and the previews for the site. Those tasks where squeezed in whenever we had a moment and now it's all done. Was it worth it? Perhaps. Will they sell? Not sure. Whatever happens it's another step forward for the site and hopefully more people will check out what's on offer.

Monday, 11 August 2008

Jimmy loves the Necrons

I recently had the desire to resume my long, lost artwork career and spent the afternoon trawling through the dusty loft looking for drawings and rotring pens. I can't put my finger on why now, 20 odd years since I last drew pictures for Games Workshop, do I want to draw monsters again but I'm going to crank at least one picture out. Just to see how it turns out if anything. It's unlikely to look like the old material as everything is painted nowadays, even the black and white pictures. So, that rules out the insane detail and fine crosshatching I used to employ. Whatever I can muster up will be posted here for your amusement. I've chosen the GW Necrons as the first subject of choice and picked up the book from the store just the other day. Necrons kinda look like a cross between Terminators and robots from the Matrix