Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Battle for free!

More magazine freebies in this post. The NMS Battle Book was another Harrod-inspired tome of fighting game facts and nonsense. The beat 'em up was at it's peak during the '90s and NMS was drawn to them like flies on shizzle. The Battle Book was a collection of the best of the best including Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat and most of the SNK stuff doing the rounds at that time. World Heroes FTW! One thing I didn't hang onto was the NMS battle cards featured in the picture above. Anyone out there hang onto those?
Never got round to this shooter first time around so I'll be giving it a try later tonight to see what it's all about. I prefer my shmups side-on but I'll take whatever is going when there's so little choice nowadays.

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Gamer's may cry…

…due to the insane amounts of joy to be had from playing Capcom's latest DMC installment due out shortly. Downloaded the demo, and I like the small ones since I have no patience waiting, and beat it senseless in a matter of minutes. Played like a dream and other than that dull stretch in the snow it looked the business too. Demo did the trick. You've got my money on launch day Capcom!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Shirt off my back

Working hard on new shirts and the latest designs are currently in staging ready to go live. Hopefully by tomorrow they will be available for all the retro faithful out there. Still, if you're a fan of Mean Machines or Maximum but tighter than a gnat's chuff then you can at least spread the word brudda! The Mean Machines shirt is a redesign of the Mega Game badge used in the magazine. I redrew the basic outlines then scanned the art before creating outlines in Illustrator. Some line weight tweaks, a bit of pondering for the text and there you go.

Saturday, 12 January 2008

Who has a Shiny Helmet?

Well, if you don't then perhaps you need to sample one of the new shirts just added to that stellar gaming tee site this very minute! More designs coming soon but they have to rock or I won't let them through quality control.
Omega 7 out of 10?
Chuckled when I read Eurogamers review of the new XBLA shmup Omega Five. The reviewer was whinging on about the difficulty. That's the problem with 'noob' gamers. Brought up on Nintendogs and Wii Sports they expect everything to be a doddle and if there's no easy mode or endless credits they cry into their skirts. Grow some balls Parkin! Omega Five is certainly a challenge but it's easily overcome once you are familiar with the mechanics. Now if you want a 'hard' shooter then try Mushihime-sama Ultra.

Friday, 11 January 2008

Saddle 'em up

Covermounted gimmicks were so easy for Emap mags. We did not have to worry about DVD trailers or DS case decals or repackaged content in a cardboard folder. We just had to give the readers anything with Street Fighter on it! This particular freebie was a splendid editorial effort to push the Sega Turbo Edition and make use of the great art we always managed to wangle from Capcoms coin-op dude. Cannot remember his name but we would meet every now and then outside the Electrocoin test center near Goodge Street and wax lyrical about arcade stuff. One such time had us staring at a Fatal Fury poster on the door and he launched into a tirade on SNK artwork and how bad it was. The artist in question was Shinkiro and I was a big admirer of his drawings for Fury and KoF etc. Shinkiro actually went on to work for Capcom when SNK went bankrupt back in the day!

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Amusing Musings

I'd read a lot of stories, articles and forum posts over the last year about the unreliability of the Xbox 360 hardware. I even dedicated the Deadbox t shirt to it over at (blatant plug – Ed) and wondered what people where doing to the machines to cause these breakdowns. Sure, the console is louder than an aircraft engine and it generates enough heat to cook a turkey but it's still the owners fault when they break right? Well, December 26th smacked the smugness from my face when my Xbox joined the ranks of the broken hordes when it failed to display a picture on the telly. A bit of research and it would appear to be a heat issue that may have affected the video card connection. I have owned pretty much every console ever made and the 360 is the only one to ever develop a fault. Thanks Bill!
Gaming Tees for all
Regulars will know that my t shirt project was out the gate a few weeks ago. Four new shirts going up in a weeks time. FAQ and About copy is in staging and some other ideas for community features will be added this month also. Plenty of positive comments and a few negatives which enable us to improve the site. Visitors want more shipping destinations, full shirt previews so they can see how big the design will be on the shirt, and of course they want a working FAQ so they can get all the details about what goes on when you order from the site. Shopping online is much safer than it used to be but naturally it can always be improved so the customer feels secure when handing over their details. As far as new shirts go we have plenty of new designs in the works but they take a while to get just right. Richard keeps asking for a shirt with Pippa Funnell on it but I told him to get lost.
Mass Effect
Going through again on hardcore now. Will be collecting a few achievements I missed out on first time round but mainly because it's such a good game. It does have faults. Dealing with your items and the 150 limit is a mass pain in the ass for example. The UI is nice looking but it's a dog when it comes to converting items into Omni-gel. ME2 is a given so hopefully they will sort that out and perhaps add a little more meat to the main storyline. Expanding on the romance sub-plot would be a bonus. First time round I got into Liara's spacesuit and Ashley never got a look in. Perhaps a threesome sub-plot when the Reapers are on an oil break! Huzzah!