Thursday, 29 May 2008

Summer slog

The hot and sweaty days are upon us. Three computers and all the associated kit that goes with it can generate quite amazing heat when I close the door and windows. I dare not turn on the Xbox or the room will go into a supernova-style meltdown. Though a 360 and it's power pack make an excellent back-up radiator should you find yourself a bit chilly during the winter.
What are you playing at?
Nothing meaningful right now. Most of my games are now beaten and I am just collecting achievements like the whore I am. Going for the Dark Sector-Brutal achievement and then I've got a few little things to wrap on Condemned 2. Most likely take a while though as the work and nice weather make gaming a less exciting prospect than usual. Looking forward I don't see too much that takes my fancy either. Gears 2, Pinata 2 and banjo are some way off though I do have a freebie coming from Codemasters after I did some work for a Race Driver: Grid artbook. I tried the demo and it was very nice indeed.
Sitting on your fat spiny Tat Ass
It's been such a long time I showed off any of my tat warez that I almost broke my back in two reaching through the attic for this green plush monster. Hope you ingrates appreciate the pain as I type this out. Released to coincide with Final Fantasy something-or-other back in the mid 90s this whopping plush breaks all records for taking up space in your house and looking quite crap. The missus wanted to give it away to a hospital or charity but I managed to hold onto it. Better get it back into the attic before she throws it to one of those charity vans that drive down the street every other hour.

Thursday, 8 May 2008

Bitches to the Sword baby!

Brucie is the KING! No videogame character has made me crap with laughter quite like this fellow. He needs his own game, movie or something simply because he's just out there. I'm laughing now while I recall the banter during those trips to the strip club! I've no idea how the all the other GTA games played out and I've no plans to give them a try but number IV is everything people say it is. Not a 10/10 mind but a spectacular achievement all the same. I won't run through the list of what it does so well as you either already know or don't care but the Rockstar chaps need a pat on the back. Oh, they also need to keep away from EA or we'll never see this kind of project again. So, what does a typical GTA session involve then? You can guarantee the following antics each time I play:

1 - Motorbike riders and assorted pedestrians will be mercilessly plowed down so I can see just how far they can get thrown into the air. I drove through two bikers on East Borough and they flew off the bridge altogether! Natural selection baby!
2 - A trip to Honkers with Brucie just to hear his banter on important topics like bitches and pecs. We're winners baby!
3 - Some multiplayer cops 'n' robbers and not flipping the car over when I get control! Man-hug time!