Saturday, 12 January 2008

Who has a Shiny Helmet?

Well, if you don't then perhaps you need to sample one of the new shirts just added to that stellar gaming tee site this very minute! More designs coming soon but they have to rock or I won't let them through quality control.
Omega 7 out of 10?
Chuckled when I read Eurogamers review of the new XBLA shmup Omega Five. The reviewer was whinging on about the difficulty. That's the problem with 'noob' gamers. Brought up on Nintendogs and Wii Sports they expect everything to be a doddle and if there's no easy mode or endless credits they cry into their skirts. Grow some balls Parkin! Omega Five is certainly a challenge but it's easily overcome once you are familiar with the mechanics. Now if you want a 'hard' shooter then try Mushihime-sama Ultra.


Dazza said...

You think 7/10 is bad? The pussies at 1up gave it just 4/10!!!

This is why Jaz needs to come back! He'd recognise the quality of this shmup!

For my money I am loving it. Once you get used to the huge characters and where the hitzone really lies its a joy to play. Dreamcast quality visuals and music and all in a 47MB download to boot!

This is a benchmark for XBLA content imho.

Roll on Ikaruga and Rez HD! W00t!

Gary Harrod said...

1UP is garbage so not that bothered what they think. Plus, Americans are notorious for looking for Easy Mode (*cough* Halverson *cough*) so them finding it too hard and rating it a 4 is no surprise. I just have two more achievements left now for Omega and I'll be trying Sensei out this evening!

Richard said...

Did you get your Xbox replaced in record time then, or did you buy a new unit?

Gary Harrod said...

I bought a new machine cheap from hotdeals. Insane deal with wireless pad and two games for £160. I will repair the old machine and sell it on Ebay. I have had to ring Microsoft support four times now and each time they f*ck everything up on the phone. Most of the operators have difficulty stringing together a sentence let alone understanding what it was.