Sunday, 11 January 2009

Happy New Year... Maybe.

2009. Could it be a better year than last? I can't tell you what will happen with the economy, couldn't say for certain if Liverpool will win the Premier league and don't have a clue if Watchmen will actually get a theatrical release due to legal problems. On a positive note there are signs that gaming could certainly surpass 2008 in terms of quality titles delivering the goods. SFIV has the possibility to revive my interest in fighting games that sadly faded a long time ago. Playing online with some retard teenager who spams cheap moves and then talks about his apparent relationship with my mother doesn't bring about the same level of satisfaction as taking on your mates in the office. Working in an office right now with other people who share a similar stance when it comes to multiplayer and smack talk has raised the potential for a glorious return of Street Fighter to the top of my gaming heap. I'm already adding ex-Emap colleagues to my friends list in anticipation.

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Damien McFerran said...

I must admit I'm getting pretty excited about SFIV myself, and although I can count myself lucky enough to be on your XBL friend's list of doom, I imagine that if we hooked up for some one-on-one Street Fightin' action you'd spank my cheeks until they were cherry-red. :(