Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Halo good? A myth surely...

Living in a games-filled household I naturally keep an eye out for upcoming product that might entertain me or my boys in the future. I have several categories for the games which I update each day based on reviews, recommendations from mates and other sources. Bioshock was classed as a must-buy. No plodding through Ebay looking for a bargain, no wait-for-weeks Tesco rental. I had to own it without delay! Other games like Overlord and Prey were listed under wait and see. They looked decent but did not quite justify those extortionate retail price tags. I got both of them for silly money on Ebay after waiting patiently for a decent auction to appear. With so many products shipping in the next few months I have a huge list to work my way through. One game that’s not on my list is that pile of spank known as Halo 3. I find the whole Halo experience quite boring and shamelessly derivative. The Sun are calling it the 'Game of the Decade' and I am willing to renounce my Halo-hating ways if Micro$oft write me a cheque for a similar amount. Bungie need to return to their roots and bring back a updated version of Myth. Maneuvering a pus-filled explosive zombie behind your opponents line of archers and then… boom! Now that’s magic!

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Damien McFerran said...

I've gotta admit Halo doesn't really float my boat either, but for different reasons - the first two games gave me BITCHIN' motion sickness. I've suffered from it for a while, mostly with console FPS. I'm fine when playing a FPS on a PC - it's weird.

So I'll probably give Halo 3 a miss for that reason. Although the plot does interest me - the Master Chief is a cool lead character for sure - the actual gameplay is pretty 'meh'.