Tuesday, 4 September 2007

A shocking theme

It’s not often I go through a game again so soon after beating it but such is the case with Bioshock. Doing it again on Hard (which isn’t hard at all), listening to the soundtrack and searching the web for any Bio-related malarkey that might be available. What isn’t so good is the Cult of Rapture theme for your Xbox that Eurogamer are currently pimping. It’s free but you’ll need to give over some of your personal details before you can claim it. Anyways, got my code, downloaded the theme and… ugh. Nasty, porno colours and an uninspiring choice of preproduction artwork thrown across cheap textures nicked off the internet. Who is responsible? Are they colourblind? An interface similar to the faceplate with the rusty, metal textures would have been so much better.


:: Dazza :: said...

Urgh, for the 360 the only theme I like is the Bejewelled minimalist theme. OK the SF anniversary theme is pretty sweet too!

Poor old bioshock! It's been sidelined for me by Metroid 3 on my imported Wii! I do promise to get back to it at some point Mr Harrod!!

buzz_clik said...

My boss and I were discussing Bioshock while playing it the first time through, and we had agreed (much like Gary) that we'd play it on Hard the second time around, and milk those Sisters for all the Adam we could. But now that we've finished it, we've both found we need a breather from the game. We'll get to playing it on Hard soonish, I suppose - it helps to know it's not really that hard.

P.S. While I was typing this, my boss sidled up and said "960 points, baby". He's been going back to old game saves armed with lists of tonic and diary locations. That leaves him with 40 points to gain after beating it again on Hard. Sneaky bastarding Judas. What I just said about giving the game a rest for a bit? Scrap that. I smell an all night gaming session.