Saturday, 15 September 2007

Saturday Night Stupor

Another Saturday evening stuck in front of the computer. I suppose it’s a good thing I have plenty of work coming in but people need sleep for heaven’s sake! Still, typing this post has me slightly more alert than formatting another instruction manual in Spanish or perhaps downloading artwork for the umpteenth time. If you are curious as to what I get up to nowadays you can wait a few more weeks for my site update which will show some nicely arranged images of recently completed projects. The PDF method I currently employ is not as immediate as some people would prefer so I will be adding a gallery on the site instead.

Not much gaming this week due to work and the kids hogging the plasma with the sickeningly garish Wii incarnation of Paper Mario. I will admit to playing and enjoying the first Paper Mario but after few years of Xbox 360 ‘therapy’ I no longer have the patience to tolerate these sugar coated offerings from Nintendo. I need thrills, suspense and a little grit from my games at the moment and titles such as Cooking Mama, Tamagotchi Party On and Mario Party 6 Billion aren’t cutting the mustard. I grabbed a few demos from XBL this week and will give those a blast when I get some time. Timeshift, Stranglehold and the Call of Duty 4 beta all await. I know, all guns, all killing but that’s my bag right now. Almost all the big games around nowadays such as Bioshock, Halo, GTA, Lair, Heavenly Sword etc all involve… well death basically! Except on Nintendo. They have floating pink dresses and pastry rolling.


:: Dazza :: said...

Heh heh I loved every minute of Super Paper Mario myself. As much as I like the thrills and spills of a true next gen game there are only so many FPS clones I can be doing with. I don't know where I would be without Nintendo offering me smiling mushrooms and other such cuteness.

Good to see your kids have good taste anyway :-p

Gazza said...

Don't get me wrong Dazza. Nintendo's back catalog is unrivalled but the Wii needs a real kick in the ass as far as I am concerned. It's the least used Nintendo console I have ever owned and the software on it is atrocious compared to SNES, Gamecube and DS.

:: Dazza :: said...

Stick with it Gazza. Mario Galaxy looks set to silence the doubters :-)

Damien McFerran said...

I've gotta admit (and this will piss Daz off something rotten) that I've gone off the wii in a big way.

I was in my local games boutique the other day and Super Paper Mario was on the shelf...I had some games to trade and could have gotten it...but instead I picked up Ninety Nine Nights on the 360.

Shocking, yes - but the Wii just isn't grabbing me now. The 360 is loads more appealing, mainly for the reasons that Gary outlines in his first post. I could bare Nintendo's kiddy-styled games a few years back but I also feel they've gone off the boil a tad.

I'm sure Metroid 3 will change my mind, but until then I'll stick with the 360. I only drag the Wii out when I've got something to review!

Gazza said...

I think the true Nintendo spirit is alive and kicking within the DS. That magic has not yet materialised on the Wii just yet.