Sunday, 28 September 2008

Too Human Error

Humble pie please. Just a little slice though. It's far from perfect but Too Human wasn't the crock I expected it to be after picking up a copy on the cheap from the high street. There are some really good things in there, just buried under a lot of crap. If they manage to get a sequel out before we all turn to dust then hopefully they will address some of them. So what's different since the last time I talked about it? Controls mainly. Once you get used to the unusual targeting methods and the bonkers camera then you've overcome a huge hurdle that turned a lot of people off game. Even then the system has it's flaws but overall it works well for the mass carnage that ensues. During Helheim, when you're besieged by thousands of undead (there really are thousands...), you'll understand why the controls work the way they do. The one-against-hundreds warfare has me hooked despite the fact that gathering together a complete LVL50 elite set is the most annoying 5pt achievement ever conceived!
Rest my Sackboy on your chin
I'm talking about the star of Sony's 'big' game that causing beta key mania across the web right now. I am not talking about Richards nickname during his tenure at Comptons of Soho. Do you get the fuss over Little Big Planet? It's a game that is so far removed from the stuff I enjoy playing that I am still pretty pleased that I don't have a PS3. I expect reviewers to get washed up in the furore and throw high scores all over it but this will be a lot like Wii Fit. You'll have a little giggle with your mates for a few hours then the whole affair becomes too much effort for what you get back.

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Damien McFerran said...

Anyone who is getting even remotely excited about Little Big Planet is quite clearly a navigator of the windward passage.