Sunday, 6 July 2008

Thank heaven for Moffat

Hmm. Okay. Adding Doctor Who season finale to the growing list of entertainment disappointments I've had to endure this year. What's going on? Doesn't anyone know how to construct a decent ending nowadays? Games, movies and now my favourite tv show, all falling at the final hurdle. I spat out my popcorn during the last 20 minutes of Indy 4. I had to fight back the boredom to finish off GTA IV . Now, Davies delivers another improbable collection of quick-fire calamitous scenarios and situations devoid of all drama and suspense. You barely get a moment to comprehend the jargon and techno waffle and hey presto, it's solved with a quick button press on the tardis console or a handy, control-all-Dalek machine that plays like a church organ.



Agreed; more nonsensical techno-babble than the worst episode of Star Trek. And K9 conveniently saving the day with his uploads – please!

I think the Dr should have rescued Darlek Sec -what's left of him. He would make a more convincing companion than Billy Piper. He could sit on the Dr’s shoulder, like a parrot.

Gary Harrod said...

The original RTD script had the Doctor, Captain jack and Dalek Caan in the three-way fisting session while Davvie took pics. Personally that sounds more Who than the orgy or horror-porn we had to sit through last Saturday.