Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Definition of April

It sucks. Cold, wet and really quite unnecessary. Hopefully May will be a huge improvement what with Grand Theft, Indy 4 and maybe a spot of sunshine for more than a day. I never really got into the GTA games and I'm not that desperate for the next one either but it's piqued my curiosity more than previous installments. COD multiplayer is keeping me entertained for now, especially with the hilarious Americans constantly proving to the rest of the world that they come tops in the racist/anti-everything else league tables. Joined one particular match of Search and Destroy and had to turn the volume down to stop the endless racist taunts between the two teams during the intermission.
Who Hell He?
Not sure whether it's considered 'cool' to admit it but I have always been a fan of Doctor Who. Tennant doesn't come close to the majesty of the Troughton/Pertwee era of course but its still got the basic elements that keep me entertained. I don't like every story of course and I have a love/hate thing going on with Catherine Tate but the first two episodes this season were worth watching. The upcoming episode with the Sontarans has massive potential and, if they do it right, the return of Davros will have fanbois spanking into the forums for weeks afterwards. I tried my hand at some covers for potential DVD releases to kill some time last year but your hands are a little tied when you have substandard jpegs to work from. The example above was one such cover I made for the '42' episode shown last year. It's far from perfect as the images I wanted to use could not be found at sufficient quality. I would have killed for a good pic of the spaceship flying towards the sun. Sigh!


Damien McFerran said...

Awesome, were you commissioned to do the DVD covers or did you just try it for your own entertainment?

I have to admit Dr Who leaves me feeling a bit cold, I've not watched any of the current series. Always loved the stuff with the Daleks but they kinda overdid it with the last few series.

Gary Harrod said...

No, just for fun. I'm savvy enough to know that I would need either a huge portfolio of similar work or contacts to weasle my way in. Most of the people who do Who stuff for either the DVD's or some of the Beeb mags have been long entrenched and would be next to impossible to replace unless they died suddenly in a horrific lawn mower accident or something... I remember emailing some geezer who did covers for Who and he had a website that asked people to get in touch for advice. No reply after I sent him my samples. Probably thought I was going to nick his work see!