Sunday, 9 March 2008

Lost and found

On the final stretch of Lost Odyssey and it's been a cracking game. I have the choice now to finish off Gongora or try to complete the last lot of side quests to get a few more achievements. I'll be honest and say it's a lot of work for the small amount it would add to my Gamerscore. Frontlines and Condemned 2 are calling!
Love it longtime
Like most people I look forward to the usual blockbuster movies that come out each year. With two Marvel obsessed kids I have been following the progress of the Iron Man and Hulk films that are both due this summer. Sadly they both appear to be slightly too 'mature' for my lads so I'll need to placate them with some overpriced merchandise so they don't get too upset. It's very annoying though because the kind of kids that would take an Iron Man lunch box to school are likely to be too young to watch the movie. Go figure. Imagine if the games industry did the same? Manhunt rucksack and pencil case anyone?
Don't Workshop
Did a trawl of my bookmarks the other day and I came across some unusual stories about Games Workshop suffering from massive financial woes. A little more digging and they seem to be in a right old state. Job losses, closing stores, shutting down Black Industries and making a desperate bid to sell to new overseas markets to stem the blood loss. I always wondered how those GW stores made any money operating solely to push their own product rather than stocking other stuff and attracting more customers. It wil be interesting to see if the make it through the year…


Damien McFerran said...

Blimey, I always assumed GW were unstoppable? I have to admit their success has been amazing over the past decade or so; back in the Mean Machines days I was into GW big time and they never seemed to have slowed down from what I can gather.

If they shut down the Loughborough store (my local one) then it will be a godsend; it's a horrible, smelly little place that's too small and packed with geeks. I have to walk past it on a regular basis and I think if it was empty with boarded-up windows it would represent less of an eyesore.

phiq said...

Err, I guess what you had read was wrong, lol.