Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Gaming Tees for all!

After an eternity of preparation we have finally managed to get our t shirt empire off the ground and live for the masses. Videogametees is a collaboration between myself and the good chaps over at Teefly and hopefully this can grow into something nice and wonderful for all involved. Our original aim was to get at least eight shirts into each of the four sections but time constraints prevented me from completing them all. Suffice to say, I have a ton of ideas and they are being developed into shirts when time allows. Each shirt idea goes through a long research period where we come up with the concept and then set about seeing if it can be translated into a workable design. The process by which we make the shirts means that the artwork must be strictly prepared. For this reason a lot of ideas get tossed aside simply because they are too complex for the production methods. We did manage 16 shirts though and you can at least browse the site and see if any take your fancy. With plans to get all site sections live by March and more shirts added every month it's highly likely you'll eventually see something that takes your fancy. Except for Richard that is. I made it quite clear that we where NOT making a design based on the recent spate of Pony games. Sorry mate.


Damien McFerran said...

"The latest shirts are the shizzle!"


These look fantastic mate! Good work!

Dazza said...

I love the blurb at the top of your pages. Its as if Mean Machines is still alive!

You've got a great selection of witty Tees there Gazza. I LOLed to myself when I saw Wiitard !!

Gary Harrod said...

Thanks chaps. Slow start but when we have 60+ shirts on there by mid-2008 then I expect things to pickup. Lots of work to do. sob... !