Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Bioshock in good game shocker!

Bioshock really does kick ass! So it's another 360 shooter, not particularly original and for an 18 cert I was expecting a little more splatter. A bit cack then? Not on your life pal. My tired eyes are testament to the marathon sessions I've put into the game since I grabbed my copy from Tesco the other day. It's riveting, suspenseful and almost impossible to break away from once you get immersed into the story. Especially if you get sidetracked on achievement hunting and the endless search for upgrades and tonics hidden across the levels. This is not The Darkness-style collectible drudgery either. Every room is skillfully rendered with plenty to examine or just simply to admire. Throw in some expletive drenched splicers, ear-splitting alarm bells or the whale-like drone of the Big Daddies and you have edge-of-the-seat stuff for anyone with a pulse. I reached the part where you need to photograph dead bodies for a nutcase who is making some oddball statue out of corpses and picture frames. I had the photos an hour ago but I keep walking around looking for unexplored rooms and machines to hack. Bioshock is pure class and you've got to be a muppet to ignore it.


:: Dazza :: said...

I am loving Bioshock too. For someone who normally dismisses the FPS genre I am surprised I like it. The demo won me over so I just had to go out and get it.

The areas you get to explore are vast and there are lots of nice touches like the tormented ghosts of residents past and of course the big baddies (not a reference to Shirley Crabtree!!)

Colour me impressed.

Gazza said...

I agree Dazza. It's very easy to fall prey to the charms of Bioshock. I completed the game a few nights ago and despite losing some charm nearer to the end it will still rank as one of my all-time favourite games of recent years.

Where are the monsters though? Looking through the Bioshock artbook you can see all kinds of mutated human/insect hybrids. I wanted them to appear so badly as splicers became a bit too easy once I was tooled to the hilt with tonics!

buzz_clik said...

Just finished it yesterday. I agree that the glitter started to fade a little at the end of the game - it became a little too 'generic grubby complex' in some places, as opposed to the wonderfully eerie feeling the opening environments evoked. But just the scope, and the level of immersion, and the fact that just when you figured that's all the game had it'd squeeze a little more imagination in... a wonderful gaming experience.

I'd also just finished The Darkness a couple of days before buying my (pre-ordered) copy of Bioshock. Playing the two back-to-back really emphasised the differences between them. The Darkness, despite its intentions, doesn't really feel like that big a world: you've got a couple of train stations, the connecting locations, and that whole... uh, other place (he says, trying not to be a spoiler gushing twit). But that's it. Bioshock's world feels bigger than 3 Ben Hurs duct taped together.

Ended up with 820 / 1000 gamer points at the end of Bioshock, which is nice. Not that I'm a slave to the points at all... *cough*

Gazza said...

Well, 820g is good opening score so you probably saved all the Little Sisters right? I am going back through now on Hard and this time I am going to harvest the little creeps! Extra Adam FTW!!